Promotional Graphics

Teasers & Quote Cards

Need a little something extra for your social media presence? Look no further. Get eye-catching, branded teasers to match your upcoming book release.

Teasers can include direct quotes from the book, reviews, release dates, or any other verbiage to catch a reader’s attention.

Post anywhere online! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, your website and blog.

Promotional Graphics

3D Books, Book Stacks, & Box Sets

3D book covers and book stacks are becoming a popular way to advertise an ebook or print book.

3D box sets are a great way to promote a series, collection, omnibus, or anthology in a cool, visually appealing way.

Promotional Graphics

Social Media Banners

Banners personalized to match the branding and overall look of your book cover, or series of books, is the perfect way to let readers know you have an upcoming release, new release, or just to remind them of your book(s).

Banners can be formatted specifically for Facebook, Twitter, or to fit any other size provided.

Promotional Graphics

Author Branding

Author branding is a great way to stay recognizable on social media. With your own author logo, it’s easy to use it across social media, on ebook cover interiors and exteriors, and use it for any electronic or print promotional materials (bookmarks, pens, convention giveaways, etc.).

Author branding can include a personalized author logo, branded colors, icons, social media banners for Facebook, Twitter, your website, etc.

*Author branding is available only on a case by case basis depending on my workload. Please contact me for more details.*