What is the average turn-around time?

I’m usually booking approximately 3 months in advance. From start to finish, the final book cover usually takes anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

If there are lot of revisions, this process may take longer.

Do you require a deposit?


For every project, I require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. Your spot in the queue won’t be reserved unless the deposit is paid.

Can I look for stock photos myself?


If you’d like to look through stock photos either to give me as inspiration, or to find some you’d like to be used, please look on Depositphotos and Shutterstock.

I will use other stock photo websites, but do require that the author pay for any photos used from other sources.

Will you use Free License imagery or images I've taken myself?

For legal reasons, I won’t use Free License imagery or photograph’s taken by the author/etc. I will only use images where I, or the author, can purchase licensing.

Can I credit you in my book?

Yes, please!

Crediting me in your book is very much appreciated.

If you’d like to do so, please credit: Natasha Snow Designs; www.natashasnowdesigns.com

Do you offer discounts for multiple covers?


I offer a 10% discount on ebook book covers booked with me within the same series of 3+ books.

Can I have a blank cover without typography?


I sell only completed covers, typography included. I’m more than willing to try many options with authors in regards to typography, and am more than happy to work on it until we’re both happy.

I will not be able to concede to typography on the cover, however, if I absolutely do not think it works.

Can I have the PSD file for the final cover?


I do not give out the working files for any covers I design.

If there are small changes, tweaks, blurb typos, or anything of that nature, I will be more than happy to make those changes, free of charge.

What is your refund policy?

Generally, I do not offer refunds. But if you’re unhappy with the direction your cover is going during the designing process, let me know and we can brainstorm something that works better, or agree to part ways during the process. The deposit will be forfeit, as it will be applied to the time and work I’ve done.