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Promo package includes Facebook banner, Twitter banner, 3D book, and 2 additional graphics or teasers. Teasers will use the same graphics from the cover unless author provides direct links to Depositphotos image for a teaser. Maximum one image per teaser. Teaser will be branded to match cover. Promo package + print cover available ONLY for ebook covers designed by me.
Premium stock resources are usually used in premium covers and offer a wider range of models, poses, and clothing in very high quality. Ask for details.
(If applicable)
ie. Romance, Suspense, Thriller, etc.
ie. Dark, angsty, dramatic
Formatting for multiple platforms has additional costs.

Terms and Conditions

Publishing Rights

Upon approval of final design, after final and complete payment had been made, Natasha Snow Designs will grant the client exclusive license for the final cover design. Natasha Snow Designs will sent the final high resolution JPEG to the client promptly after payment. If the client needs other sizes of the cover in the same ratio, those will also be provided upon request.

If the complete and total payment is not made by the client to Natasha Snow Designs after the client has been provided the final copies of the agreed upon work, the client has no rights to the work and may not publish or post it anywhere. If the complete and total agreed upon payment has not been made to Natasha Snow Designs within 60 days (unless otherwise agreed upon), all rights for the work return completely and entirely to Natasha Snow Designs and any paid amount is forfeit.

Natasha Snow Designs will not provide any PSD files.

The client may not alter the completed design in any way, or have another person/designer alter any of the provided work/graphics/cover art in any way.

The client acknowledges that they have obtained all rights and permissions to publish materials to be used in the projects and shall sole be responsible for any provided materials and their licensing rights. This includes copyrights, trademarks, and ownership of any visuals. Natasha Snow Designs will not be held responsible for licensing of any of the visuals, etc. provided by the client.
The client understands that Natasha Snow Designs will not work with any public domain materials unless they are the original work of the client. If exceptions are made (the client hires an illustrator, the client obtains artwork from friend or family) they take sole and complete responsibility for any copyright or permission infringement resulting from provided materials.


All client information and materials are considered confidential and will only be used for work-related purposes by Natasha Snow Designs to provide agreed upon services. No information will be shared with any third parties.

Image Usage

Client agrees to abide by the terms and services and licensing agreement of all stock photography Natasha Snow Designs purchases for the project.

The client is allowed to use the final book cover to a limit of a 250,000 print run and ebook cover of a 500,000 print run. Licensing does not allow Natasha Snow Designs to provide the client with unedited purchased images. If the client requires additional usage of the images for the book cover, it is their sole responsibility to inform Natasha Snow Designs in order to purchase additional usage licensing. Fees will apply.

Ownership Rights

Upon receipt of full payment, Natasha Snow Designs grants the client exclusive license to use the final cover design artwork (JPG, PDF, or any other provided format) for her/his book and/or e-book cover and associated promotional materials.

The client understands that she/he has no right to alter the final cover design in any way except to change size for printing or digital display. If the client desires any alterations, he/she will consult Natasha Snow Designs. The client understands that additional payments may be required to make these alterations.

Final rights of the working/editable file(s) are still solely owned by Natasha Snow Designs and cannot be licensed, sold, or given to any third parties.


None of Natasha Snow Designs custom or premade work may be resold by a third party supplier or author. All premade book cover designs are final sale and will not be refunded once sold.


Natasha Snow Designs requires credit to appear in client’s book in front matter or back matter.
i.e.: Cover Designed by Natasha Snow Designs



Natasha Snow Designs is not liable for incidental, punitive, indirect, consequential, or exemplary damages of any kind. This includes loss of projects/revenues, loss of business/reputation, or loss of data. Natasha Snow Designs is not responsible for any claim, loss, or injury based on errors or any other inaccuracies in clients documents, written work, or on Natasha Snow Designs’ website, including without limitation as a result of any breach of the terms and conditions of the agreement.
Any claim against Natasha Snow Designs shall be limited to the relevant fee(s) paid by the customer.

Modification of Agreement

Client agrees that this agreement of terms and conditions may not be altered in any way. Any alternations are invalid.

Company Rights

The current Terms and Conditions listed on Natasha Snow Designs’ website supersede any previous Terms and Conditions distributed in any form. We also reserve the right to change any rates and any of the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Natasha Snow Designs can refuse to work with any client or refuse any project at any time. If Natasha Snow Designs feels a project with a client is not working or will not result in good work, we may terminate that project and refund any payments made to date, if we see fit.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions *

– Image Licensing –

The image licensing purchased for your ebook/print book is royalty-free and includes a print run of 250,000 ebooks and 500,000 paperback copies. Free promotional items are included with the licensing (items used as free “swag” giveaways), but items for sale (calendars, mugs, etc.) will require extended licensing. Please inform me if this is needed, as there is an additional cost.